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*to those of you who are unaware, this was an unfinished RP of mine*

An average day upon Sam's Sprite World turned into a great disaster. The Dark Alliance who have been dormant for so long secretly gathered items everywhere. An explosion shook the ground all around seen from a mountain in Polar Darkness to. Makashu, Neox, and other Spriters who were leisurely working in Sam's World encountered the Dark Alliance various times prior to this. That being said, they assumed the worst and traveled to the coldest land in this world.

Upon entering the crater of the explosion, they are immediately locked upon by the Dark Alliance's devious magician, Pumpkindle. The Dark Alliance state their plan to unlock the Titan of long ago from its Ice Seal. They release the magical items to empower the Titan, Frostbite's, power tenfold. In a matter of minutes, the World was completely encased in a forever ice. Spiral Temple, the Temple of the Gods was destroyed in the process leading to the gods' powers to fade away The Team raced across the World going for attempts to save the World's people from each of the Dark Alliance's members. On the way, they found new allies and such.

After successfully the taking down of Hyapoul, Pumpkindle, and the Puppeteer, the Team learn of the Fire Titan, Incinerate. Balan, the God of Knowledge and Equality theorized that if they release Incinerate and empower him similarly to how Frostbite was, the Titans would battle until both of their destruction. The Team continued searching for the fire magical items while encountering several more members of the Dark Alliance including Kuran and Lunia, who gave up her membership of the Dark Alliance to destroy Kuran.

Once all items were collected, Incinerate was released. Zila Zila, one of the final members of the Dark Alliance caught on to their plan and regathered everyone aside from Lunia to retaliate and interfere with the Titan's battle. After a long and intense battle, the Team along with Incinerate destroyed Frostbite resulting in an explosion and all the forever ice to melt. The Dark Alliance disappeared in the explosion. The Team then subdued Incinerate and re-sealed him in his volcano.

Finally, everyone including the people the Team met rebuilt Spiral Temple to be stronger and better than the prior. As soon as the final brick was placed, the God's changed with their powers higher than before. THE END


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Ello! I Am Sam, On Youtube Known As SpriteHeaven, or SH. I Enjoy Spriting, And I Currently Have A Sprite Dex Right Now!

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